geneva, switzerland
type of commission
direct commission
33 m usd
interior refurbishing of iccg (international conference center geneva)
project team
adrien besson,grégoire du pasquier,gabriel du pasquier,didier collin
project date
dgbp - david gagnebin-de-bons et benoît pointet

The International Conference Centre Geneva (ICCG) is a collection of modular conference halls; the largest of its kind in Geneva and one of the most important in Europe. The ICCG was built between 1968 and 1973 by André and François Gaillard in association with Alberto Camenzind and is of high architectural quality. The objective is to confer a contemporary touch on the existing building while highlighting its intrinsic characteristics with carefully balanced chromatic choices i.e. gold, metal and red. These choices reinforce the unitary appearance of the building while keeping the number of elements to a strict minimum.

Reinforcing the international image and mission of such an institutional building was also an important part of the brief. Geneva plays the role of “hosting the world”: the purpose of the Centre is to enact that role by hosting events pertaining to the global arena.

Thus, the interior of the conference halls is designed in such a way that on one wall of each room there is offered a new perspective of the world: an imaginary world map in which the geographical location of each country has been intriguingly modified. As if Senegal was next to Cuba, Korea next to Uruguay, Spain to Canada…

The international aspect of the site is triumphed by the metaphorical emphasis on the propinquity of the countries that meet within. This map is replicated on a wall of each conference hall, as well as in the entrance hall and in the Léman bar, open to the public. The “imaginary world of the ICCG” thus echoes the Centre’s mission and demonstrates that architecture can communicate with the general public.