hanoi talks
hanoi, vietnam
lecture series
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, laurence savy, nicolas moser
project date

Hanoi is a vibrant city that is fresh and yet still exceptionally local, a non-hub environment in which fluid explorations of all fields can be freely discovered. This freedom allows Hanoi to be the thread that weaves together a shared vision of nurturing knowledge for staff and guests. Hanoi Talks are a series of monthly lectures given by invited speakers ranging in diverse topics and innovative studies, it is a place to share the ideas of tomorrow. As a part of group8asia’s think tank 8+, which is dedicated to research and development, this conversation based interaction is another investigatory branch. Rich and lively conversions follow on from presentations of the speakers choosing, subjects that they passionately want to share. This lecture series is seen and a free space to question the status-quo and the push the confines of what traditional architecture and urban design ought to be. Only through these thought provoking and energetic exchanges are we able to fully understand the evolving nature of user led design.