alice in raffles place
type of commission
competition, merit award



public pavilion

project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, armand devillard, ravish kumar, samia chaudhry, nguyen van thanh
project date

“Curiosity always gets the better of me! I followed him again on an adventure but now I just want to leave. He said that the old ship in the city could take me home, I must find it. Oh bother! I have lost him and can’t get my bearings, too many people, chatting and moving in the sweltering Singaporean sun. I need to find some shade; a place where I can think and breath.

Up ahead I see a giant levitating black box! Wonder what’s inside? I move closer to see my distorted reflection below it. My eyes drift across the surface to see the dense cityscape reflected behind. The distortion, reacting to its context, imitates the rhythm of city dwellers in every facet who are giggling and talking selfies. A small part of the world has been captured in these warped reflective facades, hectic moments captured in time. 

Curious of its unknown contents, I inquisitively move through to the other side of the distorted mirror. Inside I discover a looped path; dim light filtering through random perforation, revealing images. People move past, some pondering and others swiftly disappearing, exiting to merge with the urban fabric. 

I enter through a humble opening and find the old ship, the way home! Enveloped by the pavilion and hidden from view, it towers above me flooded with light. Whilst marvelling its beauty, a rain shower starts and I move further into the modest space, carful not get my blue dress wet. Acoustic vibrations heighten my senses as rain gracefully dances on the old ship, celebrating its existence.

Maybe all along I was seeking this moment, when lines between reality and dreams become blurred. Chaos of the outside world has long since faded and here I sit, in Raffles Place, daydreaming in serenity. 

I take a deep breath in and exhale.”