changi airport
type of commission
shortlisted competition
changi airport group (singapore) pte ltd
250m usd
130'000 m2 of terminal building with 1'200 parking spaces
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, laurence savy, le hai anh, nguyen duc cuong, le quang
arep ville, france (expert architects), laud architects, singapore (local architects), arep ville, france (way-finding & signage), arep ville, france (transportation & traffic flow), arep ville, france (facade engineering), bo steiber lighting design, singapore (lighting), icn design international pte ltd, singapore (landscape), concession planning international, australia (retail planning design)
project date

One of the goals of the “green transition” project is to give the new T4 Changi Terminal a remarkable landscape identity in direct relation to water. One cannot ignore the strong bond that connects Singapore and nature, and particular to this is the importance of greenery and water in its landscape. When arriving in Singapore, the first perception one has of the city is it being an inspirational combination of green and water. The design, both interior and exterior, is to be based on these two key natural elements. The green aspect is already part of the Changi Airport experience and clearly announces the fact that Singapore is to be seen as a real “garden city”. Our proposal comes in continuity to this, bringing a green design sensibility to the new terminal. The greenery of the “green transition” project is focused upon two main locations: first is the main façade of the terminal, at the drop-off entrance. This is composed of a vertical hanging garden that speaks of the city’s tropical climate and gives a strong and welcoming identity to the T4 terminal. Second is within the green patios – the“green borders” – placed in the center of the plan, between the check-in and departure areas, and between the arrival zone and departure area. This offers a way to signify to all visitors the green essence of the city, and provides a “green border” through which they have to pass as they enter or exit. Singapore is at heart a green tropical place and we believe this should define the boundary through which passengers moving from the landside to the airside will pass. This project brings three green worlds to the experience of one airport. By creating Singapore’s “green border”, passengers will have the unique experience of entering or leaving “green Singapore”.