the alps
type of commission
shortlisted competition, 1st prize
83m usd

15'600 m2 


condominium of 626 units & facilities

in process
concept team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, laurence savy, armand devillard, nicolae petrencu, le quang, vu huyen, nguyen duc cuong, nguyen van thanh, pham trung
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, nicolas moser, armand devillard, nicolae petrencu, le hai anh, nguyen duy tan, ravish kumar, nguyen xuan man, do quoc hoan, dao le hong my, nguyen nhat linh, nguyen dinh hai, martin ravel, nguyen van thanh, bui thi linh
aga architects
project date
competition 2015, completion 2019

“The alps residences” will be one of the most iconic precincts of Tampines area in Singapore, to be developed. Inspired by the traditional European “courtyard block”, it will reflect the design excellence, complying with all requirements, and being part of the further development of the area, as an ideal residence for the students of the temasek Polytechnic school and the united world college of South East Asia.

The project is composed of 2 double residences in “L” shape, facing each other, from 15 to 8 storeys each, stepped with green terraces. By playing with the strong iconic skyline, shaped as a miniature of the swiss alps mountains, the buildings bring a “spatial dynamic” opening the views to the reservoir and breaking the scale with tight and open areas within the whole precinct. This layout breaks with the usual thick parallel blocks offering only uniform “left over spaces”.

The cars and bicycles will be parked on two storeys, protected by the “landscaped deck”, link between the blocks, up to 2m only. The central community space as a “mountain lake”, reaches all sides of the blocks, flows through different pools and public facilities, and link the precinct to all the parts as a social condenser. The block design follows all the rules: good balance of orientation, 88% of efficiency (for the typical block plan), cross ventilation, minimum of unit per number of core, minimum distance to reach the entrance door etc…. On the overall plan, this schema allows a permissible plot ratio of 2.8.

The landscaped deck, as a “mountain lake” is occupied by different pools, greenery, shaded areas, wellness corner, kids corners, community corner, enhancing the sense of community by areas linked To the activities for every one. On the terraces, some public areas, more intimate, are installed, in order to enjoy the views around “the alps residences”.