new sustainable housing mass

teaching at sutd (singapore university of technology and design) : “new sustainable housing mass”

concept team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, laurence savy, nicolas moser, armand devillard, samuel pouliot, guillaume choquard
project date

This study is a condensed view of the work produced by the 4th year students who participated to the 13 weeks Sustainable Design Studios hosted by SUTD University.

The studio “New Sustainable Housing Mass” proposes to explore and experiment, in a complete design project, the new typologies and structures dedicated to a life in a dense tropical conditions, observation and modeling being the key words structuring the different stages of this studio.

During the semester, students were invited to challenge and elaborate new types of high density sustainable housing projects in the dynamic district of Bedok New Town in Singapore. Close to an MRT station and being an important intersection of green paths, this yet undeveloped urban plot provides all the necessary complexity and visibility towards the development of a unique and interesting sustainable housing project.

In a playful and abstract approach, each exercise composing the studio aimed to raise various sustainable concerns and to open multiple possibilities of answers for a new type of green housing mass.

The streamline of the studio took the students through 4 main exercises, essentially based on the study and analysis of the building mass and void through model-making supported by analytical sketches, diagrams and graphics.

In a preliminary phase, students have been sent onto the designated site of their project; this essential stage has permitted them to take a step directly into the context of their future work, helping them to better understand the advantages and the constraints they will be facing along the semester and also helped them to highlight the environmental and social particularities at stakes in this project.