geneva, switzerland
type of commission
project team
christophe pidoux, christian giussoni, richard fulop, marco neri, diana alvarez
project date
régis golay,

Group8 settled down in its new workspace on May 2010. A former industrial hall, near from the centre of Geneva (Switzerland), hosts these new offices designed in order to make the best use of the 780m2 and the 9m of height. This white and luminous space contains a hidden treasure: 16 recycled shipping containers. All of which have been travelling across the world for thousands of kilometres over the oceans of the globe. Piled up as giant Legos, the containers were preserved “as found” without any outside cosmetic transformation. This aesthetic keeps the poetry of their former use and differentiates them from the immateriality of the big neutral space they lie in.

Modern objects and industrial space both recover a functional use which turns them into contemporary living and working spaces. The containers formalize structured collective spaces. Each container embodies a collective form or a situation of our work: meeting rooms, cafeteria, lounge zone, bathrooms and showers, etc.

The other half of the scheme is in opposition with the containers’ structured zone: an open space enlightened by natural light travelling through the glass-roof. This informal working space gathers all the employees together, which generates a strong synergy of work. The second zone is composed of informal meeting spaces (exchange spaces) that are radically differentiated by the containers’ privacy. The white open space gives shape to a neutral environment, necessary to a creative work. The white furniture gives a spatial rhythm through its developed skyline, like a small city inside the city.