conseil d'état
geneva, switzerland
type of commission
république et canton de genève

office renovation on heritage building

project team
adrien besson, françois de marignac, grégoire du pasquier, didier collin, marco neri
project date
régis golay,

The project « Conseil d’Etat » consist of refurbishing the historical meeting room of the Council of State i.e. the government of the County of Geneva. The study of this project implies the thorough analysis of the existing City hall building, dating back to the XVIII century. The majority of the elements composing the room; the tapestry and the fine woodwork of the walls, required special care and a fine analysis. The renovation strategies were submitted to a very specific panel constituted for the renovation and modification of the protected building of the County of Geneva.

The ceiling, floors and meeting table are the key elements enhancing the fine woodworks and the wall fresco. The room that was originally lacking natural light has been fitted with a translucent frosted glass false ceiling that now fills the room with natural like light. The wooden floor brings back an aspect of simple plainness to the room, rising in its center to create the footing of the table as a single sculpted element.

The strategic positioning of the 7 ministers’ seats (2 additional seats dedicated to the Chancellor and the Registrar) has risen the opportunity to study a new table typology encouraging interactions with the government members. A technological touch as also been added in the refurbishment of the room by fitting hidden technical devices under the table plate.

Finally, the achievement of this project has been to enhance the historical value of the original elements composing the room by contrasting them with contemporary interventions.