geneva, switzerland
type of commission
competition, 1st prize
fondation de la ville de genève pour le logement social (fvgls)


in process
project team
laurent ammeter, tarramo broennimann, marco neri, thomas sponti
project date
2013 - 2017

Deformation work of the orthogonal form (proposed in the original neighbourhood master planning) is developed in this project, generating four concave sides bent and articulated by loggias at the corners. This approach confers a certain dynamic volume and an autonomous status and radiating object, in dialogue with the verdure of the park and the near and distant landscape.

The apartments have been designed around a single-core central vertical distribution, with a provision following a radiating principle and generous housing apartments at the corners. The massing of the building is formed by a flexible contour that generates concave faces on all orientations. The resulting geometry is reminiscent of an “ossicle”, an elementary organic form which seeks to integrate the wooded park.

Folded and concave facades give the volume a dynamic pivot, a system not closing but rather opening up the landscape. The accommodation is clear of the ground to prevent privatization of the park and to give the volume a floating base.

The distribution plan seeks to build from a single vertical circulation core. This economic measure allows for saving shape and generous interior space with natural light. This single distribution corridor offers the possibility to insert a double-entry device (for large apartments) that allows various modes of tenure and evolving scenarios of domestic life.

The floor plans are structured in a rational grid with the same type of space openings, only alternating loggia angles distort the perception of the compact squared volume.