mega life
seoul, republic of korea
type of commission
international competition
seoul metropolitan government
26.5m usd

43’000 m2


promenade, public spaces & creative facilities

project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, nicolas moser, nicolae petrencu, le quang, nancy zimmermann, peter vredeveld, vu thanh huyen, dao le hong my, nguyen duc cuong, nguyen van thanh, nguyen trung hieu, nguyen huy tung, phan minh hoang, nguyen do duy
project date

The Seunsangga complex is a MEGA-structure based on the utopian thoughts of the modernist movement of the last century. It is a symbol for Seoul, and is the central point of Seun District. After four decades of existence, a series of different factors brought the complex to a stage of stagnation and to a possible dissolution of the complex as a whole. In that respect, with the Seun Citywalk competition in 2015 it is time to rethink the functional approach of the complex in its entirety: how to pump life and joy back into the complex and brighten up the strong soul it used to have in order to rebuild the symbol of Seunsangga.

Our main inspiration for the project is the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. The structure is seen as one of the first MEGA-structures of modern times. The base of the bridge was founded in medieval times and throughout time, the Ponte Vecchio revealed the strength and flexibility of its structure towards the ever evolving programs it hosted. The power of change brought, in the case of the bridge, a creative result which was not programmed at one moment in time, but is a sum of several decisions made by different communities at different times. It’s a symbol of diversity and continuous creation. In order to bring life and joy back into Seunsangga complex we focus on developing a platform that enables people to act as a creative entity.

In volume, the SeunSangga complex equals the tallest skyscraper in the world, and like most skyscrapers, the complex had a similar strict zoning (retail, office, residences). Without being projected vertically, as a skyscraper, our land-scraper sprawls out across the city, offering great possibilities to connect the building with the city and the street-life around it, thus making the project a potential platform which can activate and structure a part of the city.