london, united kingdom
type of commission
direct commission
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, paul rabecq, lam nguyen, marie-eve de chantal-blanchette
project date
regis golay,

Through the refurbishment of a Victorian house built in Alma Square, Northwest London in 1883, we explore the degree of relationship that people over time can nurture with their home; their attachment to a specific space and its architectural elements.

We question the character of these inhabitants in relation to the space and the architectural relics that remain as different generations have come and gone.

We find meaning in the subjective and emotional approach to architectural elements and spaces that people could have during the life of the building.

They appropriate and cherish it physically, following only their feelings. Here spaces are not described by their functional “use” but rather by potential scenes emphasizing the relation of the inhabitants to the house. The work of group8asia re-identifies this house with its Alma Square heritage where similarity and duplication become a trade mark.

As viewers we are intrigued by the uncertainty of whether the house belongs to one single owner, to a family or even to a community sharing the same similarity.

The boundaries between reality and fiction; events that happened in the past or will happen in the future; the people itself and their souls all interrogate us about the duality of "power" existing between a house and its inhabitants.

Halfway between fashion photography and architecture, these pictures (from Regis Golay) bring an opening; a new life to the documentation of an architectural object.