bamboo house
kuala lumpur, malaysia
type of commission
international competition
private house
project team
manuel der hagopian, tarramo broennimann, nicolas moser, anouk matthey, le hai anh, vo thanh cong, nguyen trung thanh, nguyen viet hung, nguyen ngan ha
project date

The bamboo house project is made of 3 specific elementary layers (earth, wind and fire). This proposal describes the fragile settlement of manhood on earth through the production of differentiated space, each addressing a singular thematic. The bamboo columns connect the house storeys together, as natural ties, as a never-ending memory of nature as a foundation.

The first storey is dedicated to the evocation of earth and water, the sculptor of geographic situations. Stones cover and organize the whole spatial distribution, as if the ground had been unfolded to figure a miniature landscape of mountains and water, with Tao energetic contrasts.

Suspended above ground, the second storey is simulating a true artificial environment, neutral and cast in white and continuous surfaces, as a sophisticated spaceship made of a futuristic design where technology has disappeared, totally integrated in architectural components. Man-made, smooth and polished this space is also calling to mind a cloud, an airy atmosphere suddenly frozen for contemporary domestic uses.

On the top is located a hanging garden, providing a liveable terrace under the burning sun. The basketwork like sunshades are made with flexible curvatures of the bamboo columns. The canopy garden is also a place where rain is collected and experienced as a meteorological phenomenon, the green vault mimics the nearby forest canopy and the distant “canopy of heaven”.