andermatt, switzerland
type of commission
shortlisted competition
orascom, samih sawiris
project team
laurent ammeter, christophe pidoux, daniel zamarbide, bérengère tobler, thomas sponti, olivier fleith
guscetti & tournier (ingeneering), a2studio (renderings)
project date

Neue Andermatt is an opportunity to rethink our relation to the landscape identity and traditions. This project offers to set up a new urban structure in a typical alpine context. The new houses are an extension to the existing village. They create a space where tradition, nature and modern culture are harmoniously combined together.

Neue Andermatt is willing to give answers to two fundamental questions about localization: the confrontation between monumental landscape and architectural projects and the relationship between tradition and modernity.

Architecture reaches its goal of modifying spatial contexts when offering hybrids formal registers and also mirroring the site. It’s a proof of its capacity to integrate itself in mountain relief and to dialog with nature’s power. Neue Andermatt aims at a dreamlike and ambiguous experience between admiration and fear of nature. Variations within the constraints of an otherwise rigorous layout are made possible by a number of different possible configurations for the kitchen design. This variety is further enhanced by the presence of differently sized windows that frame the view in several ways. Underground parking links the four buildings and constitutes the surface of the park. Specific landscaping (planting of birch) guarantees easy access to, and circulation, within the perimeter of the project, while conferring a semi-private character on the area.