pop center
kaohsiung, taiwan
type of commission
international competition
kaohsiung city government
145m usd
music halls, exhibition halls and public areas
project team
adrien besson, manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, françois de marignac, nicolas moser, thomas sponti, dan troyon, guillaume ouallet, vu hoang ha, ho thi hong trang, hoang van duy, nguyen duc cuong, le quang, ngo trong anh
project date

The project proposes to regroup the entire program in one building. The density of the activities in a unique place will attract visitors all year round, night and day. The west part of the building contains the program linked to pop music. Visitors and users cross all spaces and visit the different parts of the program.

A strong dynamic between the multiple activities of the program is created. The small performance halls, placed above the main hall, are in direct contact with the music industry. Strong synergies are created. Artists can work and perform in the same facility.

Pop music is everywhere. It creates a stimulating atmosphere for all users. The maritime activities are on the east side of the building. The museum is in a quieter area. The large inner court with zenithal light creates a more introverted space, with an impressive view on the port and its activities. It creates a link between the public of the museum and the active Kaohsiung harbor. The building stands on a base, accessible from the city and the parks, containing the shops and restaurants.