hanoi, vietnam
type of commission
dai nguyen luc
1’500 m2 of fitness center
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, paul rabecq, duong quoc anh, nguyen tung lam, tran ngoc ban, do hong phong, nguyen duc cuong, le quang
cebi vietnam (mep engineering)
project date
boris zuliani / noi pictures

The design of the first fitness centre of the new brand Fusion Bodyworks in Hanoi is based on the concept of “natural fitness”. Thus, group8 took the opportunity to create a natural green wall in the main open space of the fitness centre. This natural green wall becomes the iconic leading feature of the brand.

The centre is located on the fourth floor of the Hang Da Galleria, the brand new central shopping mall of Hanoi’s old quarter. The main atrium of the mall “pierces” the fourth floor bringing the public in contact with the people working out inside.

The different services offered such as yoga and Pilates are accessible from a white “neutral” space which becomes the internal “agora” of this new meeting place. This luminous space hosts different activities and areas where you can not only spend time keeping in shape but also enjoy meeting people, working, chatting, reading, or just taking some well earned time out.

All spaces have their own identity, creating different worlds to visit and explore. The experimentation of this new gym style becomes a real promenade through different ambiances and contrasts. From the white space of the agora you enter the dark stone locker area, moving on to the brownish smooth yoga hall then back to the white space of the machines to enjoy a drink in the back sharp lodge, before back again to the locker space to exit through the white main hall in front of the green wall.