green house
geneva, switzerland
type of commission
shortlisted competition, winning project
etat de genève (dcti)
50m usd
offices of the canton geneva’s department of environment
project team
adrien besson, tarramo broennimann, grégoire du pasquier, françois de marignac, grégoire thomas
project date
2003 - 2009

The Environment House brings together the different environmental services administered by the Canton of Geneva’s Department of Territory (DT). Defined by the client as an exemplary project as sustainable architecture, this building represents a model that can be reproduced for future constructions of this type. It is designed to become a symbol for Geneva as a building entirely dedicated to the environment. To maximize the potential of the site, the shape of the building exactly follows the configuration of the plot.

The architecture is a result of carefully chosen actions, each one responding to various concerns of sustainable development, context or society. Each side of the building complies with the specific local requirements of the site: an acoustic facade on the Route des Acacias to reduce noise pollution; a transparent facade facing the inner courtyard; a southern façade constituted of external gangways covered with climbing plants, thus creating a cool micro climate and offering natural protection from the sun in summer, while its deciduous nature allows maximum sunlight in winter.

Every decision is evaluated using criteria that encompass a global reflection on sustainable development. The materials used are analyzed over their entire life expectancy, with assessment including energy used in their production, transport, demolition and potential recycling.