golf camp
rio de janeiro, brazil
type of commission
international competition
department of rio de janeiro institute of architects of brazil
40’000 m2
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, nicolas moser, viet hung, pedro pedalino, marie-eve de chantal-blanchette, paul rabecq, nguyen duc cuong, le quang, nguyen van thanh
atelier 77 (local architect)
project date

The new golf camp is on the area of Barra which is composed by two very different sceneries, a high density of construction and a large green “protected” stripe which goes until the sea. The limit in between these two very distinctive works is very decided. The new golf camp is situated in the limit of this natural area, To enhance its belonging to the green world the new complex become a landscape icon merging with the nature of the site. The buildings are made by cutting the ground at different points and then by lift it up some corners. The new created landscape is oriented according to the context and the program offering a good protection from the superblocks complex next to them.

As a spectator of the game, the new complex is situated on the front of the plot to be directly in contact with the golf course and its activities. The main shaded façade of the building face the golf course and offer directly to the players its iconic aspect. In a opposite way, when the visitor entrances on the site, the landscape is immediately presents. To discover the heart of the golf, the visitors will first go through an initiatory green promenade crossing the site and its outdoor equipments. The feeling to live in the landscape is present all along the project. Once in the middle of the complex the floor is like lifted to invite to go in the buildings. The public programs are directly

connected in one side with the exterior and on the other with an interior courtyard which offer an interior connection and can be used as a representative lobby, an extension of the program, or a multipurpose space.