nest village
hanoi, vietnam
type of commission
fpt software company
9.5m usd
85 ha
high tech park campus
under construction
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, nicolas moser, vu hoang ha, duong bao trung, nguyen tung lam, le anh tuan, vu hung thanh, nguyen duc cuong, le quang
arb palissades, hanoi (partners)
project date

Hoa Lac High-tech park is a new developing area with modern, high quality facilities serving companies and a university, focusing on the development of new technologies. This park is no ‘technopolis’, as others tend to be. With the new master plan of Hanoi, the urban area presents a good location with a great environment for future offices. People can be closed off to nature, working in a “fresh” place without noise and pollution, in a new sustainable environment on a human scale and which is adapted to their new needs.

The master plan is composed of seven “villages” organised around a big central park which acts as a big connector and a natural reserve for the flora and fauna. The organisation and the structure of the villages are largely inspired by the traditional Vietnamese village offering a wide range of different space with different functions, making each village completely independent from the other. Each village is organised around several courtyards which are a strong element of the master plan. These outdoor public spaces play an important role in the sociability of each village: meeting point, playground, flexible space, entrance and a point of reference. They answer to several functions. But they also strongly link with the organisation of the plan. They provide natural light, natural ventilation and direct view on the outside and offer a feeling of community. The bigger they are, the higher the building is. The existent nature is preserved and used to compose the master plan and the road network. From one village to another a soft mobility network is set up. The car is used to access the site, but once in the technologic park the soft mobility network channels flow and exchanges between villages.