punggol, singapore
type of commission
international competition, 1st prize
the housing and development board (hdb)
40 ha
housing and public facilities
under construction
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, adrien besson, nicolas moser, le hai anh, nguyen duc cuong
project date

Located in the north-east of Singapore, the Master Plan of Punggol Waterfront is conceived as a slice of nature nestled within the urban fabric of Singapore. Set along the banks of the Punggol Waterway, the concept for this master plan endeavours to be one of the most environmentally sustainable new towns of Singapore.

The master plan seeks to establish a strong relationship between the buildings and the edges of the waterway. The unique 1200 layout of the buildings as well as the cascading skyline created by the landscaped terraces of the roofs serves to accentuate this connection.

Hexagonal voids, cut into the courtyard spaces, further strengthen the dialogue between the residences and the canal banks while bringing elements of the landscape into the public realm. Themed landscape elements feature strongly throughout the scheme, reinforcing the concept of living in a verdant urban oasis.

Implicit in the design was the vision of the architecture as an organism, where the Waterway Terraces may be imagined to become future aggregators of multiple experiences. Steeped with such social meanings to encourage interaction and neighbourliness, as well as immersions in nature, this offers scope to explore enhanced social value for the building and inevitably contribute in return to the environmental pedagogy and social equity of the estate.