green water city
shanghai, china
type of commission
international competition
city of shanghai
58 ha
shopping center, office and administrative building, residential area and public facilities
project team
manuel der hagopian, thomas sponti, anouk matthey, nicolas moser, vo thanh cong, nguyen trung thanh, nguyen dinh tu
project date

The green water city competition is located in south-west Shanghai, Qingpu, the political, cultural and economic center. The aim of the competition is to propose a master plan which includes shopping center, office and administration building, residential area and public facility. Five kinds of landscape are designed to manage all the program and the different types of the area: pebble villages, stones, forest, green mountain and field. Furthermore, branches act as pedestrian connectors and link between the different parts of site.

Density varies all along the site to adapt to the specificities we encounter, and to enhance a feeling of diversity. From the low buildings of the Pebbles area, behind the central canal, giving village impressions, to the Green Mountain area in front of the park, the highest building and main attraction point of the site, each area’s density and program are designed with regard to its particular position in the site.

Vegetation is wisely dispatched over the whole site, inducing different atmospheres and creating a continuous ecological connection between the park, the canals, and the main natural spots outside the site. Medium-sized trees are used to protect pedestrians from the sun in the village streets and along the shores. High, solid trees are inserted between the Stones buildings to create dense green points in this densified area. Short trees are employed to suggest field shapes in the Field zone, introducing varying and modular pieces.