hanoi, vietnam
type of commission
competition, 1st prize
ocean thang long investment
200m usd
mixed use towers complex: luxury apartments, facilities and shopping mall
project team
manuel der hagopian,grégoire du pasquier,nicolas moser,vu hoang ha,le quang,nguyen duc cuong
cubic architecture (local architect)
project date
2011 - 2012

The project is ideally located at the main cross-roads into one of the most active urban renewal areas of Hanoi, where some of the newest and most important buildings of the capital stand, such as the National Convention Centre, the Hanoi Museum and the Marriott Hotel. The complex, by its very dense program and huge 340’000m2 surface, is composed of a five floor podium. This area contains most of the commerce and activities beneath the six towers of around 25 storeys. The program elements such as a hotel, offices, serviced and other apartments are also distributed among the different parts of the complex. All of these towers are divided into three pairs. This design strategy facilitates the construction, step by step, through the different stages. In order to overcome the feeling of high density, the triangular volume avoids direct confrontation with the façade and reduces the maximum views between user locations.

Besides the different heights, each tower has a different image at the top giving a lively perception of the buildings. While the podium is designed as a transparent volume with many passages through the building, the angled vision of the other parts gives more privacy. This approach makes the future construction sustainable and enhances the diversity of the complex.

The 1st floor is designed with open spaces to connect the city and the lake – at the back of the complex – enabling public facilities, a commercial area and walking space for the residents. The towers try to avoid each other and the empty space between the blocks emphasizes the relations with the surrounding urban area.