geneva, switzerland
type of commission
jt international
8m usd

kindergarten (105 places)
project team
tarramo broennimann,daniel zamarbide,thomas sponti
project date
2011 - 2015

As part of the construction of the new headquarters of Japan Tobacco International (JTI), the realization of a new kindergarten of more than 100 availabilities was envisaged, in partnership with the City of Geneva and dedicated to employees of JTI and external users.

This project represents a general reflection process on the allocation of the site, along with its cohesion and coherence with the JTI headquarters project. The kindergarten is a landscaping project which aims to integrate architecture that is not visible as a building per se but as a series of “ripples” or “folds”. These folds gather together the different areas of life required by such a program: living rooms with their service areas, and administration, kitchen, dining and local services necessary for the operation of such an institution.

The project is structured around three courtyards which form safe play areas for children. The project is made up of five “bands”. These green roofs are not accessible, but constitute an important landscape for neighbours overlooking the kindergarten.