bintulu, malaysia
type of commission
sarawak land (kemena park) sdn bhd
460 ha
retail, residential & resort facilities
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, nicolas moser, simon pelletier, dao le hong my, victor diaz ortega, virginie ganz, adrian auth, nguyen duc cuong, nguyen van thanh, luong trung hieu, hoang huyen anh
project date

Green Bintulu aims to develop and make denser a natural site, while keeping its original character and its great wild vegetation. Located 8 km away from the city center of Bintulu, the project provides an integrated model of residential and commercial development.

Along the green rolling hill slopes facing the South China Sea, the program is divided into three built ecological environments of high quality. All three aim to fulfill user demands and are at the same time adapted to a context slightly different to each other. The green heart of the site acts as a connector and a binder for the whole program. They provide a wide variety of environmentally friendly means of transportation and activities. This easy-use transport allows the creation of four distinct areas. In this way, the whole is directly influenced by the specific features of the territory: topography, orientation, natural species present on the site, streams and the various potential views.

The “12 minute-walk strategy” results in the creation of interests points in the landscape. Between all parts of the site, the users have the possibility to use crosswalks, bus or electric train to reach their destination, and after every 12 minutes of walking, they can benefit from another activity. Each zone can work independently but the interaction of the three creates a rich and mixed environment. The essential elements important for the success of the Green Bintulu have been identified and will be built in priority. Several sustainable strategies are integrated into building, landscaping, transportation and infrastructure to enhance the dialogue between development and environment conservation.