hanoi, vietnam
type of commission
fpt software company
2m usd

2’000 m2

multi-function pavilion
project team
manuel der hagopian,grégoire du pasquier,vu hoang ha,duong bao trung, duong quoc anh,tran ngoc ban,nguyen duc cuong,nguyen van thanh
project date
2013 - 2014
régis golay,

With a limited budget, the goal of this project is to create a restaurant and cafeteria with a capacity of 1’700 employees working on the Fsoft C4 building.

Located in the park in front of the main office building, the canteen disappears into the landscape. The drawn profile of the building blends into the vegetation of the surrounding park. Mingling with trees, it seems that the users lose the perception of its limits. The transparency of the façade makes the place an open interior space with no breaks nor visual barriers. In order to break the scale, create islets of vegetation and ensure natural ventilation, the patios are integrated inside the pavilion.

This new construction creates a dialogue between tradition, nature and contemporary Vietnam. The idea of the pavilion was inspired by traditional Vietnamese architecture - the town hall - and has some additional specific characteristics to adapt to the tropical climate of Hanoi.

As a floating building system of regular structure, the structure followed a simple organization. The green roof and a veranda system to protect those within the space of the sun, complete the simple dialogue with the surrounding environment.

Between the green colours supporting columns, the inside nature and the vision of the park all around, this pavilion fades into the landscape. It stands as a forest from the outside and a cocoon of nature from the inside.