twin house
geneva, switzerland
type of commission
2 private houses
project team
laurent ammeter, manuel der hagopian, daniel zamarbide, cédric borgeaud, grégoire thomas
cdn architects
project date
2006 - 2008
régis golay,

The “Twin Houses” project asks the question: how does one perceive a single house? Situated in the heart of a green islet near Geneva, the two different private villas merge into one same building, overlooking the landscape. As the environment’s changing colours merge and melt together, the green facade invites discussion about how the house should be perceived, from the trees to the house. In the same way, the reciprocity between outdoor rooms and large scaled windows create deep affinity between the inside and the natural garden surrounding.

The villas in this volume are similar. Beginning with a simple geometric manipulation, the layout of these two is a rotation of 90° separated by a common wall. However, contained by the same wall all around, they stand united as one.

The volume is derived from a wealth of manipulations in order to communicate with the surrounding nature. The outdoor rooms, as patio, bring sunlight to the multiple parts of the living spaces. While the ground floor is constituted by the play of multiple visions of the landscape, creating the gathering space of the house, the withdrawal of the main room and the first floor offers shelter for the users from the view.

The patio plays an important role in this living space. All the parts are around this artificial piece of nature as a transitional space between the areas.