shenzhen block
shenzen, china
type of commission
international competition
alibaba group
80'000 m2 of offices & convention center
project team
grégoire du pasquier, manuel der hagopian, laurence savy, guillaume durand, duong bao trung, ngyen duy tan, do dang tuat, cuong nguyen duc, le quang, vu dang nga
project date

The context of the Houhai Central Business District is very special. The CBD is host to the new skyline of Shenzhen; a display of the most expressive buildings illustrating the incessant dynamism of Shenzhen. In such a context, the target is to define the frame of a unified project, holding a strong and brilliant picture based on the most pragmatic office building in terms of construction, internal flows, program efficiency, as well as offering the highest quality of working spaces.

The ambition of the project is to propose a different answer and interpretation of the classic type of headquarters office project. Instead of studying several offices blocks independent from each other, making the site devoid of substance and strength, we link all of them and create a whole dynamic shape occupying the entire site area, making the project as strong as the image that represents the group’s empire. The office building is thereby free from classical podiums and offers a large public plaza, which becomes the united square of the project.

The building is raised from the four corners of the site. By their extrusions the volumes are linked, becoming a uniform shape. As a dragon surrounding the site, the roof shape creates an innovative skyline endowing the project with its identity.

The project is not only a sculpted skyline offered to the outside but also an opportunity for all to experience its inner world by the central plaza as an open public space bestowed upon the city.