shanghai pavillion
shanghai, china
type of commission
competition, 2nd prize
présence suisse
swiss pavilion for the expo 2010 shanghai
project team
adrien besson, christophe pidoux, françois de marignac, daniel zamarbide, grégoire thomas, thomas sponti
guscetti & tournier (ingeneering), christian haller (géomantic studies), norm, manuel krebs, dimitri brüni, zürich (graphic identity), hager ag, zürich (landscape architect)
project date
2006 - 2007

The pavilion at the universal exhibition in Shanghai aims to show Switzerland in two ways: forest and forum. While other countries focus on prestigious constructions or symbolic representations, Switzerland often points to its landscape as emblematic of the country. The project for the Swiss pavilion presents a fragment of the Swiss landscape – a FOREST – as it is found on the Chinese site of Shanghai. With the strong presence of international and non-governmental organizations, Switzerland is recognized as a premier platform for international mediation. The lower part of the pavilion is designed as a vast canopy covering an urban space that houses the FORUM, where debates on current topics can take place.