klaksvik city center
klaksvik, faroe islands
type of commission
international open competition, 2nd prize
city of klaksvik
25 ha
master planning for a new city center
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, laurence savy, nguyen thu phuong, isabelle bisson petit, le quang, nguyen duc cuong, henri guerin dessert
project date

“Klaksvik New City Centre” aims to become a model of design that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable; a place synonymous with modern ideals for living, working, being. The inter-connected city enhances the close relationship between the actors within. With its unique waterfront, green traffic systems and an emphasized accessibility which re-connects the two banks of the town, “Klaksvik New City Centre” sets forth a friendly and environmentally sound place to work and live. It is ready to answer to the new ambitions of the town, while maintaining strong traditions.

Composed of a diversity of programmes and large spaces open to the sea, the “New City Centre” is an ambassador for the development of the Faroe Islands. With a dense and controlled scale of intervention, based on a strong network, each part of the town will now be interconnected through sustainable methods of moving, thus providing a green means of living to all inhabitants. As a symbol of the new sustainable city, the New City Centre brings huge potential to the city for development and a strong image, easily identifiable and promotable as one of the new centers of the Faroe Islands.

The “Klaksvik New City Centre” will allow a high level of standards in terms of sustainability and offer the best surroundings in which to develop an ideal place to work and live in full respect of nature.