indochina plaza
hanoi, vietnam
type of commission
indochina capital
interior design (main hall, lobbies, offices & business centre)
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, paul rabecq, nguyen kien, vu hoang ha, le hai anh, nguyen thu phuong, nguyen duc cuong, le quang, isabelle bisson-petit, stéphane stutz
project date
commission 2011, completion 2012
sébastien löffler / noi pictures

The design of the lobby of IPH (Indochina Plaza Hanoi) is based on the contrast between the different materials used: glossy white stone versus rougher natural grey stone. As two monolithic stone blocks that seem to extend through the entire building, the vertical circulations are coated with natural grey stone and lead the visitor on their “pathway” through the building.

Designed and implemented in a new way, never before seen in Hanoi, the grey stone skin enhances the verticality effect and suggests movement known as “raining stone”.

In this mineral environment, the pieces of furniture (bench, reception, counter, etc.) are designed as free stand-alone objects. In order to highlight them in this minimalist space, all the furniture is rounded and coated with a traditional pink Vietnamese lacquer.