icrc logistic complex
satigny, switzerland
type of commission
shortlisted competition, winning project
32m usd
offices and logistic complex
project team
adrien besson, christophe pidoux, grégoire du pasquier, oscar frisk, blaise fontaine, bérengère tobler, olivier fleith, isabel noronha, christiane reuther, delfina degliantoni, nikolaj callisen friis, elias boulé, hendrik van boetzelaer
project date
2008 - 2011
régis golay, federal-studio.com

The new building hosts a logistics hall, archive room space and office space. The logistics hall is used as a transfer space, where merchandise is stored and then distributed all over the world for the Red Cross. The archive rooms constitute the memory of the activities of the ICRC.

The project offers an interpretation of the values of neutrality and cooperation inherent to the organization.

The different functions of the building are registered in a simple, squared geometry, giving the whole volume a neutral shape. The skin of the building acts as a waterproof façade and is a constructive choice as well as a symbolic statement. It forms a bond between the neutrality and the actual activities of the ICRC: reminiscent of supply truck covers or the fabric of a refugee tent. The white colour reinforces the sense of modesty and impartiality.

The cover offers thermal insulation properties, creating an air buffer between the interior and the exterior, feeding into the energy-conscious, sustainable development concepts of the organisation. At the upper levels, the office spaces are juxtaposed with a hanging garden to guarantee a user-friendly atmosphere and pleasant working conditions.

In the centre of the plan, an atrium ensures efficient communication, offering the space for the fostering of team spirit demanded by the users of the building.