gardens on skyline
hanoi, vietnam
type of commission
mixed-use complex
project team
manuel der hagopian, nicolas moser, vo thanh cong, thai binh duong, do hong phong, dam van tam, vu thanh thuy, nguyen trung thanh, le hai anh
project date

The project is located at the crossing of one of the most active streets in Hanoi, the six-lane Le Van Luong Street and a circulation main axis. By its situation, it contributes to the wider project of creating a new urban scale for Hanoi. From this scale to the small street scale on the other side of the site, the building develops the functions by confronting different activities and different rhythms. The project answers to the different local conditions.

The “Hancom towers” complex is organized in five towers directly extruding from the plot, due to a dense program. The verticality is shaped to overcome the direct view problems. The orientations allow for successive perception of the border area, the new urban area, and the city beyond.

On a smaller scale, in order to create a link between the various places of the site, the towers are linked to each other by a commercial strip hanging between the fifth and the tenth floors.

The building is no longer a block but an indoor public street. On the ground, the four “city rooms” host activities and entrances for the different functions, also create access to the existing quarter on the back of the plot. In this way, the pedestrian area is continuous, coming from the ground floor outside to the space within the building. The residual space of the hanging street produces in-between gardens around the towers.

The project with the interlaced areas will grow out of the site to become a unique mixed-use development. The vertical city thrives amidst a high-rise skyline and lively alley atmospheres.