istanbul, turkey
type of commission
international competition, 2nd prize
thyssenkrupp elevator in collaboration with the istanbul metropolitan municipality
10'000 m2 of education center, exhibition hall, planetarium, conferences center and offices
project team
manuel der hagopian, grégoire du pasquier, daniel zamarbide, laurence savy, guillaume durand, duong bao trung, nguyen duy tan, le quang, cuong nguyen duc, romaric delorme
project date

Disaster occurs when hazard meets vulnerability. Hazard refers to unexpected, spontaneous and, unpredicted events. Vulnerability, in common terms, defines the susceptibility of a person or society to physical or emotional harm.

The approach to such a complex issue needs to be addressed with caution and humility. The critical question when humans define natural disasters is addressed here by avoiding the typically assumed or even expected monumentality that demonstrates the dramatic power of man over nature. Could we instead celebrate natural disasters by creating an iconic piece of architecture within the urban fabric of Istanbul? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to approach this project by providing void, an open space in which experience and acknowledge the history of natural disasters?

The Epicenter calls for a new space within the city. It is an opportunity to build a unique public space, generating a new urban landscape dedicated to the population of Istanbul and its visitors.

Three layers of experience unfold to create the arena for the museum of natural disaster, The Epicenter Museum.